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Award winning Sandwich fanatics Sub Cult are famous for their gourmet U.S deli-style sub rolls and cheeky banter - dished out from the hatch of their faithful old monochrome van 'The Soul Roller', where they've enjoyed serving long queues of Londoners from since 2014.

Now, as well as the award winning Brockley Market over the weekend, you can find them Mon - Wed 12 'til 6 and Thurs - Sun 12 'til 9.30 at Boxpark, Shoreditch*.

"Lip Smacking Streetfood Heroes" - NME


In its pursuit to deliver London's best sandwiches, all Sub Cult subs are made fresh to order.

Their attention to detail begins with the bread: soft American deli-style sub rolls, freshly baked to a secret yielding bagel-brioche dough recipe for perfect consistency and flavour - then loaded with innovative ingredients.

Sub Cult have garnered a cabinet full of awards and accolades including being placed in both Time Out and The Evening Standard's 'London's Best Sandwiches' articles whilst collecting two 'British Street Food Awards' including 'Best Sandwich'.

Rodeo Sub

Rare roast beef, truffle mayo, Grana Padano, shallot jam, pickled serrano chilli.

Salt Beef Chief

Salt beef, Pama house pickles, Swiss cheese, Frenchs mustard, fresh parsley.

Sub Marine

Slow cooked pulled pork shoulder, seared scallops, blackened calamari, pork crackling and lemon and parsley mayo.

Sub Terranean

Griddled woodland mushroom, roast garlic, thyme, truffle mayo and Stilton.

Sub Contractor

Smoked back bacon, white pudding, F.R hens egg.

Skandi Sub

Oak smoked salmon, peppered cream cheese, Pama beetroot kimchi, lemon, dill.


Club Sub - Roasted Chicken, Streaky Bacon, American Cheese, Vine Tomato, Candied Jalapeno Mayo

Sub Marine - Seared Scallops, Slow Roasted Pork Shoulder, Calamari, Crackling, Salsa Verde Mayo

Rodeo Sub - Braised Brisket, Truffle Mayo, Pickled Chilli Oil, Grana Padano, Roasted Onion Jam

The Lionel (V) - Grilled Halloumi, Green Herb Slaw, Sweet Pickle, Smoked Chilli Crumb, Baby Gem

Sub Terranean (V) - Griddled Portobello Mushrooms, Confit Garlic, Thyme Honey, Truffle Mayo, Blue Cheese, Watercress

The Sub Father - Pork and Fennel Meatballs, Caramelised Tomato Sauce, Salsa Verde, Grana Padano + Swiss Cheese

Sub Conscious (Vegan) - Ginger Beer Battered Broccoli, Pea + Sesame Hummus, Sweet Chilli Sauce, Pama® Fermented Beetroot Kraut


Classic Fries

Deep Fried Sloppy Joe Balls w/ Candied Jalapeno Mayo

Pea + Courgette Fritters w/ Sweet Chilli & Tomato Relish

Subs £7 - £9 / Sides £3 - £5

N.B this is the menu for our Boxpark Shoreditch location. Regular specials feature at all locations.


Sub Cult are Ben Chancellor and Gareth 'Gaz' Phillips, who met at a rave over a decade ago.

Whilst Ben's pilgrimages to New York's hallowed delis were the original inspiration for the fare, Gaz's formal fine dining training ensures the sandwiches are a cut above: winning national awards judged by Michelin star chefs leading to collaborating with several decorated names in-house themselves.

The heart of Sub Cult's brand is the love of music sub cultures, influenced by the boys time on the 90's dance scene and Ben's adherence to all things Mod.

"The sub sandwich company making the biggest splash over here is Sub Cult"

"The Sandwich Kings"

"Sub Cult makes London's best subs"

"Fresh submarine rolls packed with an inventive array of fillings"

"Sangers, but not as we know it Jim!"

"Sub Cult were a great brand to work with, they create delicious subs that always have you coming back for more"


Visit Sub Cult's container 7 days a week at Boxpark, Shoreditch Mon - Wed 12 'til 6 and Thurs - Sun 12 'til 9.30*.

Sub Cult's van the Soul Roller and their gazebo also appear regularly at various markets across London including Brockley Market on Saturdays... Keep an eye on social channels for the latest goings on.

The boys also cater for private events so if your party needs a 1970's two tone van, great food and good times then get in touch.


The best way of keeping up with us is via our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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